The 2020 Flagstaff Hill Art Show

18th - 25th April 2020
Flagstaff Hill Primary School
Black Road, Flagstaff Hill, SA


Kuchi 16 by Aki Bennier



DIMENSIONS (Height - 153.00 cm X Width - 76.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-39657-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Aki Bennier
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Artist: Aki Bennier


Instead of relying on rigid logic, I sue perception and senses to guide my painting process.

Incorporation a vibrant palette, earthy textures and repeated forms, the paintings are inspired by my understanding of beauty and a response to my environment.

Beginning at an early age. My parents encouraged my desire to draw and paint and I was able to start painting with oils at age 5. I explored the medium and the child / mother relationship in the early portrait work I produced.

With the passing of my mother when I was 9 the sense of loss and spiritual need can be clearly seen in my work.

My latest series of work is as follows: Having formally studied the Japanese language, prior to living there for four years, I developed an anthropological interest in the cultural trait of ‘tatamai’.

The concept for the series is based on the Japanese 'Chinese' character for mouth. Our ability to express our thoughts and express feelings are often restricted or inhibited. So through repetition of the character ‘Kuchi’, I hope to demonstrate our need to speak out. The process is also very meditative. The base of the painting has been developed through my reaction to experiences. I use the elements of color and texture, often layering, as a reflection of ourselves.

I have been fortunate to have sold internationally and domestically

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